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Permanent Cosmetics Procedure in Rock Springs, WY

Permanent Cosmetics or Micro-pigmentation Procedure

The objective of the procedure is to restore what was once there, raising self-esteem and self-confidence and allowing for more activity. Both women and men are experiencing the positive results of these procedures. Following are some of the conditions in which I specialize:

•Thin, light, spare or nonexistent eyebrows

•Lash enhancement and eyeliner for faded or sparse lashes

•Lip lining, reshaping and coloring

Autoclave sterilization, new disposable needles, nitrile gloves, and FDA tested hypoallergenic color pigments are used. Shades are mixed individually for each person following the consultation.

After the initial procedure is complete, a follow-up visit will be scheduled approximately two weeks later. This allows an evaluation to see if any touch-up is necessary after all sloughing of the skin is complete and the pigment is settled. Each person's skin is different and most will need this touch-up. We find some clients decide they may want more, or want the effects darker. There is no extra charge for this correction visit.
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