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Permanent Cosmetics or Micro-pigmentation in Rock Springs, WY

Things to Consider


Yes. Unlike hair and nails, this is an investment that can last for many years. Many women consider it the best investment.

The Look

Beautiful! Your look may vary from subtle to dramatic, depending on your preference. Eyeliner can be applied as shading, a single line, or made to look like fuller lashes. Eyebrows can be made to look fuller and more attractively shaped. lips look defined and have a youthful color and fullness.

Length of Time

Each procedure takes approximately 1 or 2 hours. One can not rush perfection!

Necessary Appointment

Approximately one month following the initial application, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to check the color, shape and style, and take an "after" picture.


If you have had problems with eye makeup, then permanent cosmetics (especially eyeliner) is the answer to your prayers. The pigments have been formulated especially for the work that I do and it is very rare for anyone to have a sensitivity to the pigments. However, if you are still concerned, I will do a patch test.

Comfort of Procedure

Approximately one month following the initial application, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to check the color, shape and style, and take an "after" picture.

Compared to Tattooing

Micro-pigmentation is sometimes compared with tattooing. Standard tattooing is more aggressive and would be inappropriate for the delicate tissue of the face.

Colors and Choice

You have your choice of colors ranging from brown, brown/black, blue, blue/black or even teal, but black is by far the color most chosen for eyeliner. For brows, you may select a color to suit your skin and hair color.

It's Really Permanent

Yes. No more frustration trying to draw eyebrows or eyeliner on everyday, worrying about getting them even. No more worry about swimming, exercising or sweating them off. No more embarrassing moments when one gets washed off at the beauty salon, or someone sees you early in the morning. With Micro Pigment Implantation, our eyebrows and eyeliner stay on, no matter what your activity.

Permanent Eyeliner

Micro Pigment Implantation is perfect for eyeliner! The pigment is placed in the lash line and can be as subtle and natural looking as you want - or dark and dramatic.


When working in the eyebrow area, a series of dots and strokes are made in the direction of the natural hairs so that you have a smooth blend.This may be done on brows that have no hairs as well as a fill-in for those that are skimpy.

Lip Color

I use a range of natural-looking colors from rosy pink to coral, to copper or rust tones. This can be done in the form of an outline, or lip liner, or as full lip color. This is an ideal way to straighten an uneven lip line, create a new lip line that may have a scar or be too thin, or have fine wrinkles that are caused by aging. You may still add lipstick any time you want and you are not "stuck" with only the color you select for your permanent lip liner or color. You may choose to just wear lip gloss, or you may change form corals to pinks to suit your mood or wardrobe. If you choose to let your face go bare for a while, you won't look washed out.
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